Past projects

Melitopol, Ukraine

The Ukraine based CSMA wish to build the first Children's Centre in Melitopol. We have previously worked with the CSMA at an orphanage in Poland.

Melitopol is 700km from Kiev, in the south of the Ukraine. It is an extremely poor region lacking the most basic of services e.g., piped water and drainage systems and suffers a high level of unemployment.

A large proportion of children are from poor and single parent families, many suffering from ill health with Aids being a particular problem in the area.

The Centre is used to raise the standard of education for the local children. Currently the CSMA help 20 children from two small rooms, with limited facilities, now having a new building many more children are helped. They have teachers to promote IT and language skills, a paediatrician, a nurse and a sports instructor from within the local community.

Activities will be provided from the Centre that will help promote children and young people's personal development, enabling them to cope better with the personal and family problems that many experience.